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Question: Hi, I am a revert to Islam. I am looking to get married to a muslim man who lives in New Jersey. I live in South Dakota. No one in my family are believers (muslim). I was informed I would need a wali or a wakeel to go any furthur with being married to this man. How do I get a wakeel or a wali if no one in my family are muslim? Also if I have a wakeel or wali here in South Dakota would the man have to come to South Daktoa to marry me?

Hello Lindsey,

I apologize for such a late reply. To answer your question, in your case you don't have to have a wali.

Also, the groom does not have to travel to South Dakota to marry you. Rather, you can appoint a wakeel (likely an Imam from the area that the groom lives in), and he can represent your side of the marraige contract and fulfill all the conditions that you want him to fulfill.

I wish for you the best outcome.

Imam Hamzah Abdul-Malik