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MCCSD Condemns Christchurch Mosque terror attack

Posted on: 15 March 2019
Inna Lillahe Wa inna Illahe Rajeeon.
Recently, a  right wing extremist attacked two Mosques in Christchurch. A mosque or any house of worship is a sacred space of peace and sanctuary. To have it violated in such a brutal manner is absolutely horrific. This is an act of terrorism not just against Muslims but against all of humanity.We pray that Allah grant Jannah to all the victims and Sabr to their families and loved ones. We pray that Allah keep all Mosques and houses of worship safe. We pray that good and peace loving people around the world stand up and raise their voices against the twisted ideology of Islamophobia and anti Muslim hate. As Muslims we are sad but we stand un-afraid and the doors to our masjid will remain open and our prayer hall filled with the sounds of praising Allah and the sight of people doing Sajdah. May God bless us all.