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Winter Camp for kids

Posted on: 30 December 2014

With the help and guidance of Allah SWT, we at MCCSD are excited to invite you to enroll your children in our 2014 WINTER CAMP!  

The camp is designed for children of all age groups specifically between 4 and 14 years of age. The goal is to provide our children with lots of fun while introducing to them some essential Islamic values and education.  The camp will consist of 4 days which starts December 30th and ends January 2nd.

The camp is supervised by our Imam Sheikh Mohamed Elhewizy with the help from several others of our Camp staff.  

Here are more details:  

Date: Starts Tuesday December 30th, and ends Friday January 2nd . (4 days) 

Time: Starts 11 am and ends 3:30 pm. (4.5 hours a day) 

Location: All activities are at MCCSD.

Fee: $ 25 per child for the whole camp. (Scholarship/discounts can be considered as needed on individual bases) 

Structure: The children will be divided into groups based on their ages and activities will be designed to match that. Lunch will NOT be provided by the camp, so please do not forget to pack lunch for your child.

Schedule: The general schedule of each day will include Quran tafseer (meanings of highly important verses); praying Zuhr and Asr in jamaa (Namaz); stories about a different sahabi (famous companion); but still the majority of the day is games and crafts.  

 * The camp day officially ends at 3:00 pm at Asr prayer. Parents are expected to pick up their kids immediately after the prayer.  

* Regarding the children who are enrolled in Quran Academy: If they will attend the Winter Camp then they will not have Quran classes during that week. If they will not attend the camp, then they will continue their classes, however the only class offered on each day in that week will be at 5 - 6:15. 

* For more questions please check with Sheikh Mohamed or brother Bassel in person, or email: imam@mcc-sd.org .