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ImamImam Mohamed Elhewizy

Jumah Khutba 3-11-16

(by Dr. Hesham Elgouhari)
Sura Al Ikhlas
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Jumah Khutba 4-1-16

(by Dr. Jihad Qaddour)
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Jumah Khutba 4-22-16

(by Dr. Muslim Atiq)
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Jumah Khutba 5-6-16

(by Dr. Bassel Salem)
Think deeper
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Jumah Khutba 6-10-16

(by Dr. Bassel Salem)
Giving Sadaqa
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Jumah Khutba 5-20-16

(by Imam Kamil Mufti)
Fard or Sunnah
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