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Funeral Services

In case of death:

Step 1:

Gather all the information about the deceased:
a) Name.
b) Age (adult/ Child).
C) Gender   Male /Female.
d) Location of the deceased remains (hospital).
E) Names of responsible persons for the finance (County or Individual).

Step 2:

Please contact the following volunteers to seek help for the situation.

1) Imam Elhewizy : (347)-863-0403

If Imam Elhewizy  is not available please contact the Management team of MCCSD.

Step 3:

Contact the below mentioned Funeral Home and do the followings:

George Boom Funeral Home
3408 E. 10th                                                                               
Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57103
Ph: 605-336-1454
Ph: 800-440-6861

Inform the staff of George Boom of the need of an Islamic Burial.

Step 4:

Contact the county office for financial help and fill in an Application at:

Minnehaha County Human Services    
Sioux land Health and Human Services Building, 2nd Floor
521 N. Main Ave. suite 201
PH # (605) 367-4217   

Step 5:

Always seek help and make consultation with other Muslims.

Arrange for Salat al Janaza with the Imam and others (Time, Location).